Terms and conditions

Dear Customer,

The team at Rodi thank you for your support. In order to give you a buying experience to your utmost satisfaction, the following conditions are outlined below, as part of this sale's contract.

  1. The delivery or pickup of all items included in this contract must be made within a maximum period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Failing to do so, this contract will be considered null and void. Rodi may retain the deposit amount as a handling and storage fee.
  2. Delivery charges vary depending on the distance, as per our delivery policy.
  3. Please ensure that your entry paths, entrances, hallways are open. ln season, pay attention to; Ice, snow, rain and any other obstacle or danger. Please, mesure in advance your doors, entrances, hallways, elevator and stairs to ensure that the new item will be delivered accordingly at the properly place. Ifs your responsability. In cases where the item passes closely, you have the option to accept our delivery attempt by releasing us from all liability for any dommage to your home and/or the merchandise (a signed release form is required).
  4. On the day of delivery, you will be contacted by phone and you will be assigned a time frame for your delivery. Weather and road conditions may delay deliveries. In no event, can Rodi be held responsible for these delays.
  5. The deliverer of goods will unpack and install them in their designated place. They not pick up the packaging materials and the old existing furniture.
  6. For your protection, a responsible person, of legal age, must be present in your home at the time of delivery.
  7. Exchange or refund is at the discretion of the after-sales service. A minimum of 30% of the value of the product could be required. The costs of transport for the return of the unsecured goods are the responsibility of the customer.
Any problems with the delivery must be declared within a period of maximum of 48 hours. Procedure in case of failure or problem Please take a pictures of the damage (2 or 3 maximum). Plus a copy of your invoice and send everything to the address email services@rodi.com